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"Listen to his album, and wallow in the smooth, mature, assured singer-songwriter styles — reminiscent of Paul Simon and Jackson Browne." 

Sunday Times


"Intelligent songwriting of the highest order.”


"Ein Psychiater in Bern meinte einst, dass er in Zukunft seine Patienten lieber an ein Gus MacGregor Konzert schicken werde, statt ihnen eine teure Therapie zu verschreiben."

Berner Zeitung


(Translation: "A psychiatrist in Bern once said that rather than prescribing expensive medication, he should send people to a Gus MacGregor concert.")

"A micro-gig at Palate in Shoreham with the incredibly talented songwriter Gus MacGregor, surrounded by a library of wonderful wines."




"It's lovely when singer-songwriters can actually sing and write songs...Gus does both with effortless ease, combining aching lyrics with tender guitars and cotton wool percussion. There's alt-country overtones, folkish twists and bluesy roots, all pinned together by intelligent structures, subtle instrumentation, and the refreshing sense that he knows how you feel. His knack for an unusual metaphor, spine-tingling harmony or heart-breaking lyric won't let you go." 

Nottingham Evening Post


"Die Zeit blieb still während Gus MacGregor im La Catrina seine Gitarre stimme und die ersten Songs anspielte. Präsentiert er «A different Dream», seine neue Scheibe auf der sich ein Dutzend wunderschöne Stücke befinden."


(Translation: "Time stood still during Gus MacGregor's La Catrina concert, as his guitar and voice sketched out the first songs . He presented " A different Dream " , his new album on which there are a dozen beautiful pieces.")

©Gian Losinger

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